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Learning a foreign language is an added advantage to a candidate’s profile for jobs or higher studies. Among the foreign languages, German is something of predominance, as it is chosen by most of them due to its wide acceptability and career benefits. “What job can I get if I learn German?” Is this question worrying you? Then, this blog is all for you as it describes the German language scope.

There has been a rise in German language jobs in India. Lot many German companies have established their subsidiaries in India. And now, they are in search for Indians who are good at German for good posts. This gives learners a strong reason to opt for German language as a foreign language in their study course. Analysis held in the recent times clearly depict a rapid increase in the number of candidates enrolling for German language. The first prior reason other than the job scope for opting German language was its similarity it has with English.

Learning the German language could be one of the most life-changing decisions you could ever make. It could help your career grow at a rapid pace. Reaching an advanced level while mastering the German language, opens you with a door of opportunities to travel and work in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all other countries having German as their official language. Candidates proficient in the German language are paid premium salaries due to the importance of this language in international business commerce. It gives the candidates an edge over others in this competitive job market. The rising demand for candidates with German language skills is inevitable in the job market.

Let’s have a look at some job opportunities for candidates who are proficient in German

1) Research Analyst : One can get good fellowships if one qualifies for research positions in German-speaking countries for science and technological research. Knowing the German language makes it easier to get a seat in this position.

2) Tourism Industry : Jobs in the tourism industry require candidates to know foreign languages. A good understanding of German can increase the interest and comfort of German-speaking tourists. Numerous visitors travel to India, and many of them are from German-speaking countries since they are regarded as the most explorers. Developing a B2-level fluency in German can help you become a tourist guide and work for renowned travel and tourism-based companies. It will further open you to an altogether new universe of chance and varied world views

3)Journalism : Journalism is all about language. Knowing more languages would be an added advantage to these jobs.

4) Engineering : German countries that have Indian subsidiaries are more in number in the engineering field. This allows engineers to land up in a good job by learning German.

5) German language tutor : Turn your German-speaking skills into a career option if you are passionate about teaching. Working as a German language teacher will provide you with wonderful career opportunities and great emoluments. You also get opportunities to work in private schools or colleges and teach German to students. Some best language institutes in Delhi (National Capital Region) and colleges in India are actively looking for experts who can teach German

6) Aviation Management : Due to the steep escalation in international air travel, there is an increasing demand for multilingual crew. Thus, knowing a foreign language can also help one to acquire a career in aviation management.

7) German Translator/Interpreter

This is one of the most sought-after job opportunities for those who know the German language. In case you like taking up such a role, it will open up for you a plethora of travel opportunities both in India and Germany as a translator or an interpreter. You can work with both private companies as well as government organizations. It’s a fact that several multinational organizations and NGOs require skilled translators and interpreters. By learning German, you can easily bag a position like a German translator or interpreter for global organizations and translation bureaus like the UNO or FAO and earn attractive compensation and sound international experience and exposure.

8)Banking & Finance Industry

Several German-based banks consider professionals who are experts in the German language. In case you are smart and can speak German, you can get jobs in the Banking & Finance industry in India with lucrative compensations and perks.

Similarly, candidates with skills can explore many jobs in their respective fields. Candidates with German language skills get preference over others. Companies compete not just in terms of their products but also in having more competent employees. It is not all about capital now. It is also about the intellectual capital that a company possesses. Candidates with German language skills are considered more for promotions to foreign subsidiaries as they believe that these candidates easily get used to a new environment and work better by knowing the native language of that place. With these many opportunities just in a hand distance, we can conclude that it’s irrelevant to be concerned about the German language scope, in India or anywhere else.

In this competitive world, just scoring high grades in academics is in no way going to help you get a good job, so equip yourselves well to stand out from the crowd.

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