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The NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is your ultimate hurdle for nurses looking for licensure in countries like the US and Canada. Neethu’s Academy, the best NCLEX-RN coaching centre, holds a comprehensive course to equip aspiring nurses with the knowledge and confidence to pass this critical exam. Our expert-led program helps to empower healthcare professionals to excel in their careers and make a significant impact in patient care. Now what’s the delay ‘Enroll Now and Secure Your Success with Neethu’s Academy, the best NCLEX -RN Coaching centre in Kerala!’

Why should one prepare for the NCLEX-RN?


The main purpose of NCLEX-RN is to evaluate the competency of entry-level registered nurses in the healthcare sector.


NCLEX-RN focuses on a Safe Care Environment,Health Promotion, Psychosocial Integrity, and Physiological Integrity of the healthcare professionals especially nurses.

Test format

The NCLEX-RN is a computer-adaptive test (CAT), where you will be asked multiple-choice questions.

Structure of the Exam Format of NCLEX RN

The NCLEX-RN or (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) is a standardised exam used in the United States and Canada for entry-level nursing practice. Let’s look at a concise overview of its structure:

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) – NCLEX-RN is purely administered through CAT, which means the difficulty level of the questions given to each candidate is entirely based on their responses to the previous questions attempted.

Question Types-The exam focuses on multiple-choice questions (the question types include multiple responses, ordered response, and hot spot questions). There are also some alternate format questions like fill-in-the-blank calculations, drag-and-drop, and exhibit-based questions.

Content Areas – Questions are categorized into

  • Safe and Effective Care Environment (Management of Care, Safety and Infection Control)
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance
  • Psychosocial Integrity (includes Basic Care and Comfort, Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies, Reduction of Risk Potential, Physiological Adaptation)

Time Limit – There is no specific or any required time limit for the NCLEX-RN exam, but candidates usually spend between 4 to 6 hours to complete it. The exam allows flexibility in terms of breaks, which candidates can take as needed.

Scoring – Candidates do receive a pass or fail result after completing the exam. The score will not be disclosed.

Retake Policy- Candidates who haven’t passed the NCLEX-RN can retake it after a specified waiting period as they are allowed to take multiple attempts, but usually, each attempt needs a new registration and fee.

Candidates should have a better knowledge of the structure of the NCLEX-RN exam, which will make things easier for the candidates appearing for the exams.

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Why Choose Neethu’s Academy for NCLEX-RN Coaching?

Choosing the right and the best coaching centre for your NCLEX-RN coaching plays a vital part for several reasons. Before making a decision, it’s inevitable for prospective students to analyse the pros and cons. Let’s delve into some of the unique features of Neethu’s Academy, the best NCLEX-RN coaching centre in India.

  • Expert Trainers

  • Individual one-to-one attention.

  • NCLEX-RN Portal Access.

  • Exam-Oriented Question Discussion
  • Fully Zoom Online Classes

  • 24*7 Student Support

  • Result Oriented Curriculum

  • Quality Resourceful Materials

Additionally, while comparing with multiple coaching centres Neethu’s Academy stands out as an established academy for NCLEX-RN coaching in Kerala based on factors such as reputation, success rate, instructor qualifications, course offerings, and student testimonials. 

Course Plan and Packages

4 months

Plan 1

  • Theory class in Zoom classroom
  • Morning & Night 1-hour class

  • Exam-oriented Question Discussion

  • Nclex RN Portal Access
  • Expert trainers

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    frequently asked questions

    The requirements typically include completing an accredited nursing program, starting with submitting an application to the nursing regulatory body in the desired/required jurisdiction, then registering with Pearson VUE, paying the fee for the exam, and meeting any additional eligibility criteria requested by the regulatory body.

    The cost of the NCLEX exam in Kerala typically varies. Usually, it is around $200 and this is paid to Pearson Vue at the time of your registration.

    NCLEX exam results are usually available within six weeks of taking the exam. Results are generally sent by the nursing regulatory body or the licensing authority in relation to the regulatory body you applied for.

    The NCLEX exam is mainly taken by nurses for licensure in the United States, although it is also accepted in some of the other countries and territories, the specific preferences for the NCLEX may vary from country to country depending on individual licensing requirements.

    Determining the No. 1 NCLEX Centre in India is subjective and totally depends on several factors like student preferences, student success rates, expertise of the faculties/trainers, and available resources. Neethu’s Academy stands out as one of the renowned institutes for NCLEX coaching centres in India based in Kerala.

    There are various factors one needs to consider while choosing a good NCLEX Coaching like reputation, quality of the study materials, expertise of the faculty, success rates, etc.

    The difficulty level of the IELTS exam can vary from one individual to another. However, many candidates find the Speaking section challenging due to the requirement for spontaneous and fluent communication under time pressure.

    There is no specific age limit for taking the NCLEX exam, which enables you to take the exam regardless of your age.

    Yes, you can clear the NCLEX exam from India among many other countries. You are allowed to take the NCLEX exam to obtain licensure as registered nurse in the United States and many other jurisdictions that recognize the NCLEX.

    According to NCSBN rules, you are allowed to appear for NCLEX eight times a year with 45 days between your attempts. Several states do not carry any restrictions regarding the number of times you can take the NCLEX.