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Well, the answer is simple, if you’re looking out to find the perfect and best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi, Kerala, then your best choice would be Neethu’s Academy:” Where Success Finds Its Voice.” With Neethu’s Academy, being the best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi, you can experience the best and transformative IELTS journey beginning with personalized individual training from highly qualified faculties and learning expert strategies through rigorous preparation offering comprehensive support to help you reach your desired band score. So, if you are someone who wants to fly abroad for your higher education or for a job or immigration purposes, then start your journey at Neethu’s Academy to receive both online/offline coaching.

Why should one prepare for the IELTS?


IELTS is intended to measure the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers who are looking forward to studying, working, or migrating to English-speaking countries.


The Main focus of IELTS is to assess an individual’s ability to communicate in English effectively.

Test format

The test assesses four language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking(LRWS).

Structure of IELTS Exam

Module Question Types/Tasks Time Band Score
Listening Multiple Choice
Matching, Completion
Sentence Completion
Diagram/Map/Plan Labelling
30 minutes
Reading Multiple Choice
True/False/Not Given
Matching, Sentence Completion
Summary/Note/Table Flow Chart Completion
Diagram/Map/Plan Labelling
60 minutes (0-9)
Writing Task 1 (Academic)

  • Describing Visual Information Graphs, Process Diagrams, Maps, Combination

Task 1 (General Training)

  • Letter Writing
  • Formal Letters, Informal Letters

Task 2 (Both Academic and General Training)

  • Essay Writing
  • Opinion Essays,
  • Discussion Essays,
  • Problem-Solution Essays
60 minutes (0-9)
Speaking Part 1: Introduction and Interview: General Questions
Part 2: Long Turn
Part 3: Discussion and Follow-up Questions
11-14 minutes (0-9)

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The IELTS exam is scored on a scale from 0 to 9, with each component (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) receiving a band score. Overall band scores are calculated by averaging the band scores of all four components. These scores are used by institutions and organizations worldwide for admission, employment, and immigration purposes.

Why Choose Neethu’s Academy for IELTS Coaching?

The primary feature is that Neethu’s Academy offers both online and offline classes for students. Online coaching is suited for students looking at the convenience of studying from the comfort of their own homes or have work scheduling constraints along with offline batches. For students who prefer face-to-face interaction and instruction, Neethu’s Academy also provides offline coaching sessions conducted at their coaching centre which is located in Kochi

Neethu’s Academy, the best IELTS coaching centre in Kerala has numerous benefits that set it apart as the premier destination for achieving success in the exam:

  • Individual Attention

  • Qualified trainers

  • Proven Strategies

  • Quality Study Materials

  • online/offline classes.
  • Supportive Learning Environment

  • Mock Exams and Interactive Exercises

  • Success Stories

In conclusion, Neethu’s Academy stands out as the best IELTS coaching centre due to its personalised approach, expert faculty, proven strategies, comprehensive resources, supportive learning environment, and track record of success. By choosing Neethu’s Academy, students can attain their goal of  IELTS in ease.

IELTS at Neethu’s Academy

The Benefits of Learning IELTS @

Neethu’s Academy?

Enrolling in Neethu’s Academy, the best  IELTS coaching centre in Kochi, will benefit you in numerous ways like enhancing your chances of success on the IELTS exam. The major benefits are as listed below:

  • Improved Chances of Success on the IELTS Exam

  • Incorporative Effective Skills in all 4 Modules

  • Gaining Confidence in Taking the IELTS Exam

  • Access to a Supportive Learning Environment

Thus enrolling in Neethu’s Academy’s IELTS coaching course not only helps you with the requisite and knowledge to excel on the exam but also helps in building the confidence and personal growth of the students. Now don’t miss your chance to make your dreams come true by enrolling for the IELTS at Neethu’s Academy.

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Course Plan and Packages

3 months


  • 150 + Hours of WRITING, SPEAKING, READING, and LISTENING Classes, practice sessions

  • 15+ Live Mock Exams
  • Two-week LIVE Grammar classes with emphasis on IELTS Writing and Speaking(Extra)

  • Live Practice Sessions For READING and LISTENING modules.

  • 24*6Live individual Correction for Writing and Speaking

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2 months


  • 60 Hours of WRITING, SPEAKING, READING, and LISTENING Classes, practice sessions

  • 1 Live Mock Exam
  • Two-week LIVE Grammar classes with emphasis on IELTS Writing and Speaking(Extra)

  • Live Practice Sessions For READING and LISTENING modules

  • 24*6Live individual Correction for Writing and Speaking

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1 month


  • 30 Hours of WRITING, SPEAKING, READING, LISTENING Classes, and practice tests

  • 1 Live Mock Exam

  • Two-week LIVE Grammar classes with emphasis on IELTS Writing and Speaking(Extra)

  • Live Practice Sessions For READING and LISTENING modules

  • 24*6Live individual Correction for Writing and Speaking

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With an intense quest to clear IELTS, having the right guidance is crucial. Neethu’s Academy stands as one of the top-notch institutions offering the best IELTS coaching in Kerala. We offer you the best individual attention and motivation, expert faculties, and proven results and strategies. Neethu’s Academy offers training for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. IELTS Academic Coaching This course is specially designed for students aiming to pursue their studies abroad. With IELTS Academic, one can enroll for undergraduate or postgraduate levels in an English-speaking country. Another course offered is IELTS General Training which is specifically tailored for individuals seeking to work or to migrate to an English-speaking country. These courses are provided both in the modes of online and offline.

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    IELTS at Neethu’s Academy

    frequently asked questions

    The cost of IELTS coaching in Kerala can vary based on factors such as the mode of coaching, the coaching institute, course duration etc. Thus the cost can depend totally on the amenities or facilities provided.

    The best place for IELTS coaching can vary depending on your individual preferences. However, reputed coaching centres like Neethu’s Academy in Kerala are known for their quality IELTS coaching and are renowned for their success stories.

    The duration of an IELTS course is different for various institutions depending on the intensity and structure of the program. Usually the courses offered are for a few weeks(crash course) to a couple of months (intensive course) to adequately prepare students for the exam.

    Neethu’s Academy stands as one of the topmost institutes for IELTS coaching institutes depending on student testimonials, success rates, faculty expertise, and teaching methodologies.

    IELTS exam fees vary from country to country. In India, the current fees for the IELTS exam are around INR 14,000 to INR 15,000.

    The validity of the IELTS test scores is for two years from the date of the exam results.

    Fortunately, there is no limit to the number of attempts you can take for the IELTS exam. Candidates can take the test as many times as they wish to improve their scores.

    For Canada, the required band score for immigration or study purposes varies depending on the specific visa category and varies totally depending on the requirements of the institution or organization. Generally, a higher band score, such as 6.5 or 7, is preferred for visa applications and admissions to reputed institutions in Canada.

    The difficulty level of the IELTS exam can vary from one individual to another. However, many candidates find the Speaking section challenging due to the requirement for spontaneous and fluent communication under time pressure.

    The basic requirements for the IELTS exam are a valid identification document (passport or national identity card) and registration with an authorized testing centre. Candidates may also need to provide additional information depending on the specific test they are taking (Academic or General Training).

    There is no specific age limit mentioned for taking the IELTS test. Candidates of all ages are eligible to appear for the test.

    IELTS results are usually available from 13-17 days after the test date. Candidates can check their results on the official IELTS website using their test login details.

    Choosing the best IELTS coaching, consider factors such as the reputation of the coaching centre, qualifications and experience of the instructors, course curriculum, the success rate of previous students, the flexibility of class schedules, and additional