Why Students are unable to score good bands in IELTS Writing?

Taking IELTS test is a big step in your life and hence choosing the best IELTS coaching center is equally important. But, while considering IELTS writing, focus must be laid on those factors that will help in scoring good bands in writing test. Neethu’s Academy definitely focuses on the elements as a whole that helps in pass IELTS with flying colors. This blog mentions the obstacles that hinders from a good band of score in IELTS writing:

  • Complicated Sentences: It’s a fact that IELTS writing is a professional writing test assessing clear and effective communication but the issue arises when students try to complicate their writing with much more complicated sentences with the intention to impress the reader. We at Neethu’s Academy, one of the best IELTS coaching institutions in Kerala, trains students to frame sentences with multiple thoughts while keeping a clear expression. Hence, learn the techniques and ways with which good sentences can be framed without confusing the readers.
  • Meet the expectation: Another major reason why Indian students are unable to score good bands in IELTS Writing is the fact they do not attempt to answer what the examiner is asking for. Interpretation of questions in the right way is of utmost importance, and most students fail to understand the intention of the question and write as per their liking and then expect the examiners to accept their interpretation. This understanding only reaches the right point when you consistently practice writing with apt guidance and only the best IELTS coaching centers can help you with it.
  • Grammar: Grammar carries 25% of your IELTS writing score and you cannot go wrong with the grammar if you aspire to score a high band in the IELTS writing. Grammar is definitely the foundation of any language and as a professional language test, its the responsibility of the students to learn grammar because just the use of basic and advanced vocabulary will not communicate the subject. For the subject of communication, grammatical knowledge needs to be acquired. The IELTS curriculum at Neethu’s Academy includes dedicated weeks for grammar as effective communication also depends on grammatical knowledge.
  • Unreliable Resource: Another major reason for the inability of Indian students is the choice of words in their writing. I have read a lot of essays where I felt that the writer was trying to create a sentence just to use a specific word such as plethora. This is really not required in IELTS writing. The primary goal is to use words according to the situation and which are relevant to the question, you cannot use any word anywhere and then expect the reader to have a WOW! moment. The use of vocabulary is one of the major issues for a majority of IELTS students since they may not know the proper usage of a word, but they still use it because someone on YouTube said that it is a magical word. The IELTS trainers at iTutorIELTS do not teach you vocabulary, but we focus on effective usage of words that not only get you good band scores but also make your writing clear and communicative.
  • Legible Handwriting: This is only for those candidates who appear for a paper-delivered IELTS Test. The readability of handwriting is also an important factor as a reason for students being unable to score good bands in IELTS Writing. It is simple if the examiner cannot read what you’ve written, you will not be awarded the expected mark. There is no compulsion to use cursive writing, but try to develop good and readable handwriting if you wish to appear for a paper-delivered IELTS Test.

Keep these factors in mind in order to have control over your IELTS writing test and joining the best IELTS coaching centers that guide you rightly on these factors will also help in scoring a high band in IELTS.

Published On: June 21st, 2023 / Categories: IELTS /

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