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Why German language course at Neethu’s Academy, Kochi worth learning?

Learning a foreign language can open up a world of educational and employment opportunities for you. For students who are interested in learning German, there are many careers available. Those with language skills will find themselves highly sought after as many companies seek German speakers across industries such as Engineering, Automobile, Education, Medical, IT, Power and Pharmaceutical. Neethu’s Academy is one of the best German language Institute in Kerala with an outstanding reputation and a well-established alumni base. The certification will highlight the performance of the students in practical training, scores obtained in theoretical examinations and their successful completion. The course is well-designed using our expertise and years of experience. We use sophisticated technology to give students effective learning experiences with German Language course in Kochi, Kerala. With the support of certified professional teachers at the Neethu’s Academy, you will be able to master German Language from most important grammatical rules to common phrases that are used in everyday situations. We believe in the importance of practicing every day to learn a foreign language. By using unique methods, such as peer evaluations and role-playing simulations, our students will grasp proficiency in the language. Our goal is to make them confident speakers who can communicate effectively with native speakers.

Master German language from the best German language institute in Kerala

The German language course will help you efficiently to improve your spoken and written German language skills at the beginner level (A1) and guides you towards achieving more advanced language skills over time. The materials will let you learn to speak effectively and confidently in German.

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oet coaching centre in kerala

This beginner level A1 course is designed to help you get started in German. Once you have completed the beginner level of the German language course, you will quickly be ready to take on more advanced material. From there, you will advance through intermediate level (B1) and then eventually to the advanced level of your linguistic growth. After mastering the necessary skills and concepts of German, the new users will not only be able to speak and write, but also perform on all formal occasions.

German language levels

A1 TO C2
The Council of Europe has created a framework for teaching European languages. They categorized six language levels from A1 to C2; each level will manifest the mastery of skills that correspond to the language level. These skills help form the scope for each level and are divided into listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.


The A1 level will teach you the basics of interaction and communication. At this basic level, each person is introduced to their specific roles in a class or setting, how they present themselves to others, as well as how they can answer basic questions about themselves. At the A1 level, each person will learn the basic concepts of introducing themselves, asking questions to others and answering basic questions about themselves. The type of actions will include getting names and pronouns correct, asking simple questions, and providing multiple answers to questions.


The A2 level is the second step in the German course. At this level, you will learn how to deal with not only your daily situations but also those of a person who understands something about you. This is an excellent level for those who are looking to further develop their speaking and writing skills. Students will deepen their knowledge in the topic and develop a sound understanding on the subject using their language skills.


At the B1 level, students will learn how to learn new concepts. They will understand new words and be able to convey technical terminology clearly. Students at this level are able to comprehend complex reading materials, examine evidence in context, construct arguments and critique them critically, analyze information provided by experts in fields related to their own study area. B1 is an essential prerequisite for non-EU citizens to start working in Germany. You can also request an apprenticeship to learn a profession in Germany with a B1 certification.


In B2 level, you will gain a good understanding of the main context of more complex information related to environmental issues, healthcare, the media industry, and career options. At this level, students will gain practice in communicating spontaneously and naturally. They will also be introduced to vocabulary for each field. B2 speakers are able to communicate in a language that native speakers can understand. With their strong listening and reading skills, they can easily be able to give a detailed reply and defend their arguments according to the situation.


Students at the C1 level are able to understand the implicit meaning and will be able to communicate in an advanced way. They are at the level to use their language flexibly, spontaneously and fluently with great facility. Students at the C1 level have acquired essential grammatical forms, structures, and vocabulary. They are able to communicate with near-native proficiency. They can understand the implicit meaning and communicate advanced way through oral or written communication.

Benefits of learning German with us

Our German language institute in Kochi is designed to fit into your life, so that you can improve your fluency quickly. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we offer both short term and long term courses at times that are convenient for you. Our goal is to develop the students’ communicative skills through engaging them in creative and communicative task-based activities. We believe that through such tasks students will gain confidence and feel more confident in their ability to communicate effectively across a variety of topics. Our teaching methods are designed to engage students in creative, communicative task-based activities. We ensure all four communicative skills are equally developed through our effective practice sessions that include listening, speaking and reading as well as writing. Our instructors are well trained in teaching, who gives special attention to pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary development.

Whether you are a student or business professional, it’s important that you address any language challenges immediately so your proficiency can improve quickly and greatly. That is why we customize our lessons according to your needs. This course will help you develop your listening, speaking and writing skills in German language. You will be able to understand long speeches and lectures, TV shows and films in German language. You will also be able to start reading articles, reports adopting particular viewpoints .After completing this German language course in Kochi, one will have the ability to speak with natives on a daily basis while maintaining their fluency by taking part in the discussions.

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