Why Take Up the PTE Exam?

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) conducted by the Pearson PLC group, assesses the English Knowledge and capability of non-native English users in the form of two tests namely the PTE Academic Exam and the PTE General Exam. To take the multi-level test PTE exam, registration and further proceedings happen on the official website of Pearson.

Students who want to study or relocate to a predominantly English-speaking country must take the PTE academic exam. This computer-based test is taken by students to demonstrate their command of the English language. Students are encouraged to take the exam because it can serve as a testament to their English-speaking competency and can help students assure the admission committee/visa officers of the applicant’s calibre in terms of English language proficiency. Not only that, securing decent scores in the PTE exam hints that the applicant will be able to present their ideas and express themselves in front of an international audience.

Further, not being fluent in the English language can be a major detriment to students who aspire to study or relocate abroad. However, this does not mean one can’t hone their English speaking, writing, and reading skills at all.  That’s why it is imperative for candidates prospecting to study abroad to prepare for the  PTE exam as partaking in the said exam can also serve as a testament to the applicants’ English-speaking competency, and can help students reassure the admission committee/ visa officers about the applicant’s proficiency in the English Language.

In addition to the above, here are a few more advantages of taking the PTE Exam:

  • Accepted globally across different countries and continents such as Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.
  • The results are quicker with reduced waiting time.
  • Since the test is machine-based, there is less scope for human error.
  • It acts as a preparation for studying abroad.

Recognized worldwide : Though the Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a relatively new exam, it has quickly gained acceptance in many countries, such as Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, and others.

The PTE is accepted now by thousands of colleges and universities globally, including prestigious ones such as Oxford University and the Ivy League institutions, as a standardized computer-based English proficiency test. Students who have taken the PTE can use its score to apply for permanent immigration to New Zealand and Australia.

Rapid results : A major reason PTE is beneficial is that its test results are quickly provided. Furthermore, Pearson Group makes the test results available within five working days of the test. That way, it considerably reduces the total time taken from registration to the test results, making it convenient for test-takers to initiate their visa processes quickly. Hence, the total time to take the PTE test from registration, exam and receiving the score card is fast – making the PTE exam stand out from other common entrance exams. This is one of the sound reasons and noteworthy factors why students should opt for the PTE exam.

Automated machine scoring pattern : In the PTE exam, there is no human examiner. The entire PTE exam is machine-scored, which makes it accurate and objective. Every question of the PTE exam has two outcomes – either correct or incorrect. Students are marked by automated machine format, which makes the score candidates receive at the end of the PTE test genuine and non-subjective.

Easily available test dates and venues : The major advantage of the PTE test is that it offers applicants more than 350 test centres in over 65 countries, making it easy to book a test date just a day before the test.

Innovative Speaking test format : Usually all English assessing entrance exams have a Speaking section where human examiners directly communicate with candidates for testing and scoring. For the PTE exam, the Speaking test is conducted by recording the voice of the student who is expected to deliver content depending on the questions stated in the PTE Speaking section. This makes the PTE test more comfortable especially for students who are shy in nature.

Applicable for applying for visas : Since the PTE test is one of the top standardized tests for assessing English language proficiency, it provides students with a path to apply to the world’s renowned universities and makes several job opportunities available for immigrants globally. Apart from being accepted for application by umpteen colleges and universities across the world, the major countries in the Southern Hemisphere – Australia and New Zealand – accept it as a valid test for work visa and residency applications.

Convenient and advanced test format : The PTE’s convenient and innovative test format offers several opportunities for its applicants to score highly in the exam. While tests like IELTS and TOEFL feature interviewers in the speaking section, in the PTE test, test-takers voices are recorded, and their speaking skills are tested as answers to questions the exam poses, making it hassle-free for reticent candidates who struggle when they face interviewers one-on-one.

Acceptance of PTE score : Since its emergence in 2009, by far the PTE score has been accepted by 6000 organizations including popular names like Stanford Graduate School, Yale, London Business School and so on. Also, when it comes to visa applications for the Australian government and the UK border agency, the PTE score is valid. Therefore, as the number of organizations or institutes are rising who accept PTE scores, the scope for PTE test takers is also expanding.

One of the prominent names when it comes to open entrance exams, PTE is being taken up by an increasing number of careerist individuals over time. However, it is common for aspirants to find it difficult to pick PTE over other existing open entrance exams. As a remedy, this blog focused on the genuine reasons why PTE is an ideal exam pick when it comes to proving one’s English proficiency and seeking a career abroad.

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