While preparing for any exam, it is relevant to put equal consideration for our mental stability as the pressure to perform well will also let us panic and sometimes tend to over-prepare as if everything is important. These preparation methodologies might affect the students in various ways and through this blog, we are going to discuss a few things you should not do to pass the NCLEX-RN Test:

1.Don’t go for Over Preparation

Over preparation here is the inclusion of all kinds of sources of information related to NCLEX or any other exams. When we are nervous and too much concerned about the exam, we tend to over-prepare. We ask people for advice and also start depending on tons of materials related to this exam and this overloading of information gives trouble at times, as reading and learning of all of it in a way becomes kind of dumping because you cannot remember and apply all of it and this dumping of all might also lead you to miss what really matters while going over all the resources. What you have to do is to review your NCLEX exam notes as that remains crucial for your success. Find at least 1 or 2 resources that will work with your learning style and master those before adding other resources to your study plan.

2.Don’t completely rely on past clinical experiences

Considering the don’ts of Passing the NCLEX exam, it is very important to understand that relying too much on clinical experiences and past work is not a suitable step to follow in this preparation scenario. The past experiences do help in the real world and NCLEX is based on what would happen in a perfect hospital, where this revolves around what is ideal. So instead of completely relying on your clinical experiences, work on the matters related to the ideal world with a focus on handling of the situations.

3.Don’t rush to answer

Take your time on each question as this exam tests more of your critical thinking, reasoning skills, and also your ability to make judgment calls. Hence, one of the most important don’ts in NCLEX exam is not to rush to conclusions. If you try to speed things up, it’s more likely that you’ll miss some important information that might lead you to the right answer. Therefore, no matter how confident you are in your NCLEX preparation, do ensure that you take your time as the moral says, ‘Slow and steady wins the race’.

4.Don’t have expectations on questions

NCLEX is a different examination having a different standard in all aspects. As an adaptive test, NCLEX is designed to change based on your answers. So, you cannot completely rely on what someone has told you about their NCLEX exam experience. Instead, you must gather and study relevant materials and practice multiple practice tests. Also, as part of your Nursing studies, you would have already got to face a lot of examinations after which you might have a mindset wherein you will have expectations regarding the questions that you are going to face. However, erasing these expectations from your mind is very important to pass the NCLEX exam.

5.Don’t focus on the number of questions

During preparation days, be aware of the fact that you should plan to receive between 75-265 questions on the NCLEX exam. However, if you focus too much on the number of questions while answering at the exam time, you might be losing concentration. Stay focused on answering each one individually at your own pace.

6.Don’t be too anxious the day before the exam

Another important factor in passing the NCLEX exam is to stay less stressed as possible. Cramming or learning new sessions just the day before the exam might affect your performance as you need a decent night’s sleep and stress-less time. Just trust in all your hard work and remain focused to face the exam with confidence.

Be aware of these don’ts in NCLEX exam and to set yourselves in a well-prepared manner, do join Neethu’s Academy and ensure that success in NCLEX never goes out of your hands.

Published On: July 21st, 2023 / Categories: NCLEX-RN /

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