How to pass the NCLEX – RN?

Passing the NCLEX RN and becoming a registered nurse is almost similar to other exams you have taken throughout your nursing degree. In fact, the NCLEX RN requires preparation and studying but only the proper amount of time, effort, and practice, can make it possible to pass the NCLEX on your very first attempt!

So, let’s look at the right NCLEX study tips, study plans, and test-taking strategies to approach the exam confidently. These tips for passing NCLEX mentioned in this blog will definitely help you during preparation.

  • A) Understand the NCLEX Structure:

First and foremost is to understand the structure of the exam including the percentage ranges for each category on which you’ll be tested. Identify all the categories well in advance as it’s a good idea to determine your areas of strengths, as well as the areas you’ll need to study thoroughly during the preparation for the exam. While understanding the structure, it’s also equally important to understand that the length of the exam depends on the test taker as the RN aspirants must answer at least 75 questions correctly, which is the shortest possible test length. The NCLEX can take up to six hours, but the majority of test takers require less than the maximum time allocation.

  • B) NCLEX study plan:

One of the best ways to ace the NCLEX is to take a few practice tests in preparation times. It is easy to find numerous reliable sources like study guides and exam questions related to NCLEX on the internet these days. Find the perfect resources both online and in print and invest your time in practicing for the test by crafting a routine for your study days with a good balance of studies and practice tests.

Though the NCLEX study plan differs from person to person, it is always wise to study with a friend who’s also preparing for the exam at times. Though you can’t take the test together, tactical ways of memorization techniques might help each other. These sorts of rewards will help in positive associations within the test materials and also help in lowering stress levels and improvising information retention.

  • C) Slow and steady NCLEX study:

Your NCLEX study plan shouldn’t be unpleasant or rushed, but everything about it should be challenging, including the timeline. Give yourself the study hours you need, but schedule the exam as soon as possible so you can pass and get to work as a nurse right away. Set a comfortable study space where you can actually enjoy learning along with short and long breaks to keep your brain out of strain. Rather than just cramming all your studying into a stressful time frame, take care of your mind and body. Equally allocate a specific amount of time each day to learn the topics you need to cover during each session.

Though thorough well planned effective preparation is required to achieve success in NCLEX – RN exam, it is also important to have a bit of rest a day before the exam. So, after following a logical and sequential exam preparation method, follow the three strategies mentioned above to ease your success in NCLEX – RN.

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