How to score 79 in PTE EXAM? PTE Tips and Tricks

how to score 79 in PTE exam? Then this blog is all yours. Through this blog, we are giving you some PTE tips and tricks to score well in your PTE exam. Well, what matters in scoring in PTE is your commitment, hard work, and passion for the goal, but being aware of the quick PTE tips and tricks will definitely be of additional aid. The writing module is the one that students find a little challenging in the PTE exam. This involves determining the extent to which you have used a well-constructed, cohesive, and coherent sentence structure.

Mock Test

Nobody wants to end up reappearing in exams again and again and for this, you need the PTE tips and tricks to pass the exam in one go. Along with these PTE tips, it is equally important to understand one’s mistakes. Having a real experience of what PTE exam will be the only solution to overcome it and attending mock tests is an assisting aid to an extent. Mock tests are best suitable for applying trial and error methods. One gets a clear analysis of the areas that are going great and areas where they are lacking with mock tests. These mock tests help in understanding more and more about the PTE general test format.

Logical Presentation

As you write your essay or summary, always keep to the topic and present your answer in a logical sequence. If you have begun to write about something, provide a logical explanation and conclusion about it. Don’t leave it lying around and proceed to the next topic. Your answer should be very specific. Neethu’s Academy helps in covering most of the basic FAQs and queries which will be very helpful for you to make your choice.

Time Management

Always use your time wisely and plan your answer. Take around 5 minutes to make a structure and plan your answer carefully. This will surely save you time and also from writing those long paragraphs which can only confuse and annoy the reader.

Wise Sources

The source from which you find the materials for preparing for the exam is very important. Know your syllabus and what you want to study before choosing the preparation material. The material which you are choosing often shapes your mind and shows the way to prepare for the exam. This is one of the prominent PTE reading tips as it is the basic foundation of effective preparation.


Use advanced, but familiar words. To make an impression on the examiner, always make sure you are using simple and advanced words alike. There should be a balance between how much you are using these words. Keep a check on the density of words.

Know Your Mistake and Practice Them

Always know your weak points while writing and practice to improve on them. It is often said “Practice makes a man perfect”, and it is correct to a certain extent. When you are going to practice repeatedly in places you make mistakes, it will prevent you from doing the same during the exam.

Avoid Informal Language

In PTE writing avoid using slang language to the extent possible as PTE is an academic exam and requires a formal tone. Refer to the templates if possible to increase your vocabulary so you don’t have to depend on the words that you use in your daily life.

Simple Answers

While answering the questions of any section, one thing that you should keep in mind is to keep your answers simple. When you keep your answers simple, the examiner can understand the exact meaning and the intent of your answer. The language you use in your answer always matters. You can use advanced vocabularies yet, do not overcomplicate making it difficult for the examiner to understand.

Sequential order

Always make sure you are writing in the correct sequence in any section of the exam. The incorrect sequence of an answer makes it difficult and might completely change the meaning of the sentence. To communicate correctly, write it in the correct sequence.

Short answers

No one likes to read the long paragraphs that are written to you in answers and that’s a hard-hitting truth. Writing long paragraphs to make the examiner understand will not help anyone. The examiner will get easily bored and may skip the important part of your answer. When you keep your answers concise with correct words.

Lastly, it is important to summarize the written text for which the below-mentioned points need to be considered:

Make Sure Your Response is in The Correct Form: Make sure you are familiar with the format and have practised enough. Your response should be in 5 to 75 words; however, write approximately 40 to 50 words. Don’t try to add too much information into one single sentence. Use connectors and linking words correctly.

Pick The Key Points Only: Use the given time to understand the passage; however, if you are not familiar with the given topic, then try to find the keywords from the passage. Usually, the first sentence is going to be the topic and the last sentence would be a conclusion. Choose the keywords and put them into a sequence that makes it a meaningful phrase.

Don’t Refer To The Passage: You have to make your sentence using the keywords that you have picked from the passage; however, don’t write the whole passage or part of the passage. It can be done even if you have no clue about the topic.

Practice Using Compound And Complex Sentences: Practice using compound and complex sentences which in return will boost your scores in the PTE exam.

Don’t Copy The Whole Sentence From The Paragraph: As said before, try to use your own words and phrases using the keywords from the passage. Avoid copying the whole sentence from the passage as it would harm your score.

Clearing the PTE exam is not so tough when you have invested your time in practice and brushing up your skills. Also, these PTE test tips and tricks can prove to be a perfect guide that one must remember while appearing for the PTE exam.

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